Banana Cream Filan Recipe 2019


Banana Cream Filan Recipe 2019

1 Chinese (grated) leaf gram
2 Maida (flour) leaf gram
3 eggs number
4 bananas (slices) two numbers
5 Demarara sugar (available at all department stores) Eating two spoones
6 thick cream 100 hundred millimeters
7 chinese (chopped) tea spoon
A vinella apple tea spoon
9 Dry dough (chopped) half past

Ready to prepare:

Place 1 eggs and sugar in a bowl and keep on a hot water vessel
Throw the 2 egg batter so that it becomes foam and thick
Check 3 flour (flour)
Take 4 cups of mixture from the grind and check the mixture of half-dough eggs
Also include 5 remaining dough
6 Grained flen eggs and eggs in tons
If you have 7 golden colors, remove and cool
Put one of the bananas slices in a bowl and sprout them on Demarara sugar
9 Add the cream and add sugar and ease
By offering 10, spread the first cream on the flin and apply bananas slices to it.
11 You can offer it evenly

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