Custard Apple Ice Cream Recipe 2019


1 milk one liter
2 cups of stewardess
Three cushioned powder tea spoon
4 Caterpillar (Sharif) five numbers
5 cups past half
A violet of 6 vanilla apples tea
7 Kjo (Cutting) half past

Custard Apple Ice Cream Recipe 2019

Ready to prepare:

Put sugar in 1 milk to cook and cook and cook half
A few spoon of tea in 2 tea add a caterture to cold milk and keep it cooked in milk and cook so thick.
If 3 whistles are thick, take off
 Remove the pulp of the catered Apple (Sharif) and get into the cottage
Mix a tea spoon of tea and make it free
6 Ice cream lightly shrinks, then retreat
7 Throw the cream so that it foam foam so add it to a sprayed ice cream.
8 Refresh ice cream again and with which cream and clay presented

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