How To Make Chicken Tikka Pizza – Chicken Tikka Pizza Full Recipe Without Oven


1 Pizza Doo
2 cup two dry
3 Chinese a tea spoon
4 teer 1-1 / 2 teaspoon
A number of eggs
6 Country Powder One Meal Spoon
7 salt 1/2 meal spoon
8 oil two meal spoon
9 to make chicken pillows
10 250 grams Chicken
11 shrimp pepper 125 grams
12 oil two meal spoon
13 salt 1/2 teaspoon
14 pepper 1/2 tea spoon
15 red pepper a tea spoon
16 kg 1/2 tbsp To make
17 pizza sauces
18 tomatoes 250 grams
19 Catchup 250 grams
20 onion one number
21 oil one spoon
22 Garlic 1/2 Tea Spoon
23 salt customization
24 red pepper half teaspoon
25-year-old half-teaspoon
26 o’clock half a tea spoon
27 pepper 1/4 tea spoon
28 vinegar a meal spoon
29 Mascarella thing half cup
30 chairs half a cup

Chicken Tikka Pizza

Sept by Sept instructions  

Make the first pizza doo. Put all the items used in the doo with mud in the doo, including dried eggs and then keep it in air tight box for about 2 hours, so that the dough becomes yeast. Garlic by heating oil in a pan Fry and then put onion, tomato ketchup and all other items to cook for it. When tomatoes and onion go out, take off the pan so that the mixture cools, then grind the mixture into the blender – pizza tomatoes are ready. Put all the spices in oil and then add a mirror for one hour. Then after heating the oil in a pan, put the chicken-made chicken in it and put it to the middle of the middle. When the chicken gets roasted, keep it on a stove while boiling it, put a coal on the straw when the chicken spices are prepared, put a piece of bread on the spices and keep this curved cauliflower coal, and drop a few drops of oil and flip it out. Keep it inside the smoke pan. Now feed the chicken again and then spread it to the pizza pane and bake it on top of it, spread chicken, shrimp pepper and onion to spread it, and also spread the spinach and the smell of a smell. Now keep the oven to be a bake for at least 20 minutes. pizza is well “turned on, heat hot.

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