How To Make Minced Fish Curry Recipe-Minced Fish Curry Recipe Oven


Minced Fish Curry Recipe  کڑاہی فش قیمہ بنانے کی ترکیب

Make fish (without minerals) worth a kilogram
Leaf Juice Two Meat Spoon
Tomato a drink
A ginger dried spoon
A red spoon of chopped pepper
Green pepper three numbers
Turmeric powder tea spoon
Stuffed Coat (Take Thick Thick Coat) A Dinner Spoon
Onion a number
Oil one cup
Make the value of the fish’s hand. Heat oil on the pan and give onion gold. After that, add tomato, ginger, chopped red pepper, turmeric chopped straw and salt to take spices.
Put the value of the fish and also add green pepper, lime juice and panacea. Take a little longer. Take oil on top.
Minced Fish Curry Recipe Oven.

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