How To Make Naan Pizza Recipe In Pakistan


Naan-Quantity 4 – Components 1. Shimla Pepper (Chakkor Kated) A Number 2. Tomato (Chopped Chopped) 2 Number 3. Onions (round out) A number 4. Chillies (chopped chopped) 3 numbers 5. Pizza a sauce 6. Mermaid cheese (condensed) 1.1 / 2 7. Chopped red pepper 2 lunches Poultry ingredients: 1. Pearls (without bone) 250 grams 2. Grated red pepper one tea spoon 3. Lead garlic ginger 2 teaspoon 4. Lead white gray one teaspoon 5. Leaf hot spices 1/2 teaspoon 6. Lime juice is a tea spoon 7. Salt one teaspoon 8. Oil 6 Measures

naan pizza recipe

Step By Step Ingredients

1. Put the ingredients together and keep them for a while
2. Put it in the double and close the stove by cooking it fast
3. Non-pizza sauce chickpeas ‘pepper’ lay on the skin and cheese
4. Make it cooked 200C in the hot oven for the first time and present the pieces cut
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