Keep yourself from natural nutrients-Qudrati Gziaon Se Rakhain Khud Ko Jawan

Keep yourself from natural nutrients-Qudrati Gziaon Se Rakhain Khud Ko Jawan

Women like these, to make their skin shine and to keep it refreshing, thousands of jatin, sometimes different creams and now injection and surgery are also started. So that they can be kept young, but less women know that how much foods such as natural nutrients and how much food they have to cook, it is very meaningful.

An American herbal specialist says, “If you want to keep your face always upset and keep bright in your eyes, then you want to add natural food to your life.” Even in home meals, spicy peppers are now used to add more sugar, which have negative effects on food nutrition.
Women can keep their diet nutritious in the following ways.
1. Always eat the food in which salt, sugar is reduced because it threatens to grow calorie which can cause obesity.
2. To keep the skin bright, add vegetables while reducing poultry and protein-filled nutrients.
According to research, the fruits of olive oil that make a part of their diet, the slicing of their mind in the growth slows slowly and its ability to work.
3. Vegetables can be used as a mask. Tomato is very useful for skin beauty. Tomatoes should be used not only in dishes but also eat salads daily.

4. Use of a little bit of sauce and substances daily keeps the skin clean, it is also useful for eyes, hair, skin and nails.
5. Dry fruits such as pistachios, alarms, cashews, etc. also play an important role in maintaining the face.
6. Vegetables, pomegranates juice increase the face of the face.

Dr. James Packet of Alzheimer’s Society says, “There are solid evidence of food that includes fish, vegetables, dry fruits, fruit and olive oil, etc. are very useful for the brain. The British Alzheimer’s Researcher says that in this research, it is unclear how it will benefit from diarrhea-disease, but these nutrients make the brain healthy.

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