Khajoor Delight Recipe

Ingredients ?:

1 palm 250 grams (remove back)
2 My Biscuit Packet
3 Butter (Flour) Four Meatles
4 sugar 1 cup
5 eggs number
6 coconut (flavored) customization
7 Cream Packet

Khajoor Delight Recipe

Ready to prepare:

1 Put the butter in the pan of an open mouth and put sugar and palm in it and cook it lightly and then paste the paste in the palm.
Take 2 eggs of a spoon, grab the palm from the straw and mix eggs in it and cook it on a straw. Cook a little while running a spoon.
3 Then after adding biscuits of biscuits and cook for five minutes
Grind the coconut floured in the 4 trousers tray
Cut off pieces of 5 pieces and decorate cream from above and surf in the Aftar Party and receive your duties.

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