Palm is the best treatment and full pleasure-Khajor Behtareen Ilaj Our Mukamal Khurak Hai

Palm is the best treatment and full pleasure-Khajor Behtareen Ilaj Our Mukamal Khurak Hai

Some fruits are mostly found in the area of ​​Egypt and the Gulf of Persia. Well, now, Pakistan is still cultivated. The world is the most prominent reason that is found in the holy city of Saudi Arabia Madina Manora and suburbs. The Khajur tree is also considered sacred. You have called this tree as a Muslim because blessed by Sabir, Shakir and Allah Is it

In addition to the Qur’an, Jabja Khajur is mentioned in other holy books. The Prophet (PBUH) said that the house in which I do not have palm is home as if it has not been provided.
Palm is a complete diet:
All the prescriptions and minerals required by the human body are found in palm.

1. If you have to restore energy immediately in the universe, then thirsty thirst also reduces and nutrition may also be available.

2. If you want to eliminate pest insects, it is useful to eat palm trees.
3. Women who are less vulnerable to palm food are targeted to palm food, especially for new ones.
4. Palm food gives a lot of benefits to glands, disorders of membranes, dietary deficit and removal of blood in the blood.

5. There is also a very useful fruit for survival from the trip and to remove the troubles of the people.
6. It is also useful for patients of the patient, Hakim and the physicians also use palm chopped poultry in breath and heart pain. It removes the blueprint, so it is also the best diet in the tuberculosis, as is the best medicine for the oldest occupation.

7. Poor poultry is boiled in order to remove weakness after the maternity of the maternal mothers. Palm can be eaten with a kaw, but food is not useful with kashash. In such a way, 7 or 8 grams of food are sufficient in one time, as the patient has been suffering from a long illness.
There is a lot of benefits as well as the best diet for the palm of every age. It is also the best treatment in such nervous system, sensitivity and not showing in the night.

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