Root-like vegetable or herb garlic … is a precious gift-Jarri Booti Numa Sabzi Lehsun Qeemti Nemat Hai

Root-like vegetable or herb garlic ... is a precious gift-Jarri Booti Numa Sabzi Lehsun Qeemti Nemat Hai

Keep the 8 best benefits in it
Without the garlic, hardly the food of the world is ready, it has become strong. At the same time, two gourd garlic juice also comes from cereals, and when garlic goes in empty stomach, the gastric juice becomes juice. It is very useful to digest food. The mixture of honey and honey is the best ability to absorb lystol.

In addition, it is in blood pressure control from food .However there is high blood pressure, garlic can be eaten with salt or otherwise, without salt, cold, asthma, cough, chest pain, throat swollen, stomach and nausea. So garlic is eaten with every meal.
This is the enemy of the Assassin. Not only this is the best antipeptic .Children are rarely sick.
After 40 years of age, it should be used daily for every ban, because the age of lazyol is worse in this age of age.
It is known for acne patients even for acne patients. Both granular therapies and aloe python are advised to use garlic to patients with diabetic patients to improve the functionality of the lobbers.
Garlic also kills stomach insects, the lion produces the combustion and helps digestive food. Removes the blood glucose and vomiting.
8 best benefits of garlic
Most people do not know about the benefits of this herbicide vegetable.
Garlic juice begins to crush the hair and make the head of a head where the drainage pin is getting highlighted, garlic can eliminate the problem of hair fall.
There is nothing wrong with this natural therapeutic because garlic contains full quantity of quantity, and some such thing is found on good onion. According to a study, garlic was preventing hair loss. You can also get these benefits by grinding garlic in your oil.
Garlic is also a natural remedy for nail remedies.
Antioxidant nuts are bacterized or in garlic. The garlic had a pot in the nail-rich place, which proved to have proved difficult.
If a glass of wood is worn in any part of the body, then put a piece of garlic placed on the top of the place and cover it with bandage or tape .If you want to wear the socks, remove the band and remove the morning bandage. Whenever the pain is painted, pain and sleep will end.

To make mosquitoes safe, take a little amount of Peter William Jelly and wax in Garlic’s oil to make slices and from this evening until evening.
Keep garlic kept in place for a long time to save the wounds on the lips for some time. This will include natural vomiting characteristics.
Garlic is also a natural glio. The leaves of the bronze and peeling, the fingers begin to admit, so you must have felt it again.
Look at this beauty using the home slopes .If you have a glimpse of a glass, then grinding the garlic and grab it on the crack, then the bottom bottom section Clean up
Garlic protects the plants. They do not like the smell of garlic that comes near plants. If you want to keep your plants safe from these insects, add garlic, mineral oil, water and leaked liquid soap in a spray bottle and sprinkle on the plants.
Garlic relaxes with ovaries since it is full of swelling ingredient. For this reason, it can also sprout with the sudden arrows. Irritation eliminates some amount of garlic oil in the affected area

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