Simple Kitchen Design

Simple Kitchen Design

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When you’re focused on preparing a delicious dinner, and your hands are soiled after chopping and incorporating ingredients, a touchless kitchen faucet can save time and prevent the transfer of bacteria to the handles.

Like any faucet, touchless models come in different styles and sizes. They also vary in features, like their sensor design, water-saving features, and power source.

To learn more about touchless kitchen faucets, continue reading our buying guide. An energy-efficient touchless faucet, like the KOHLER Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, could transform your meal prep and clean-up experience.

Considerations when choosing touchless kitchen faucets

Sensor sensitivity and accuracy:

A faulty or poor-quality sensor entirely defeats the purpose of a touchless faucet. The sensor alerts the unit when to turn on and off. A faucet should feature an accurate sensor but needs to strike a balance between ultra-sensitive and nonresponsive. Pick a unit with multiple sensors for added flexibility.

Simple Kitchen Design
Simple Kitchen Design

Sink size:

How big is your sink? A compact touchless faucet may appear awkward if installed on a double sink. Similarly, avoid installing a hulking touchless faucet on a tiny, slim sink. If in doubt, take measurements to select a faucet that’s a perfect match for your kitchen sink.


All you need is a simple set of tools, and you should have no trouble installing a battery-powered touchless faucet yourself. Electronic faucets, however, may require the help of a professional.

Style and design:

Whether it’s chrome or silver, a faucet should fit your kitchen’s style. Choose a model with a design and finish that blends seamlessly with the room’s décor. Thankfully, there’s an array of touchless faucets styles to choose from.


  • Power source

Battery-powered faucets are easy to install and are energy efficient. They do, however, require fresh sets of batteries on occasion. Read reviews to discover what others have to say about the battery performance of a model. Ideally, you should only have to change batteries once every 12 months.

Electronic faucets are a little more challenging to install and have a slight impact on your energy bill. If you’re not particularly handy, factor the cost of installation into the overall price of a faucet.

  • Hose length

An extendable hose is helpful for washing dishes and should be long enough to maneuver easily. A deep sink may require an extra-long hose. You should be able to reach all the corners of your sink with your faucet’s hose. Consider the depth of your sink to determine the height of your faucet as well.

Easily return the extendable hose to its housing by opting for a retractable model. Most touchless faucets feature automatic retractable hoses. Manually retracted hoses can be cumbersome to use.

  • Water-saving

Touchless kitchen faucets can help you reduce the water you use throughout the day. Some models have an auto shut-off feature that turns the tap off when not in use. Models with an extendable hose may shut the water off as soon as the hose is back in place.

  • Warranty

You can protect your investment by selecting a model that includes a generous warranty. You’ll have peace of mind, and should anything happen to your faucet, it’ll be repaired.

  • Price

Touchless faucets are more expensive than traditional kitchen faucets. You’ll pay at least $125 for a touchless model, but models are available for as much as $400. High-end touchless kitchen faucets generally have more accurate sensors and water-saving features.

Simple Kitchen Design
Simple Kitchen Design


Q. Is there a way to override the sensor and use the faucet like a regular one?

A. Touchless kitchen faucets usually have a traditional handle in addition to a sensor. It’s possible to override the sensor mechanism and use the handle instead of relying on a unit’s sensors.

Q. How is the water temperature of a touchless faucet adjusted?

A. A temperature control unit on most touchless faucets allows users to set the temperature. Certain models have the ability to remember the chosen temperature setting, so they need not be selected each time you activate the tap.

Touchless kitchen faucets we recommend

  • Best of the best: KOHLER’s Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet
  • Our take: A sleek and powerful faucet with a convenient set of features.
  • What we like: Ability to maintain temperature. Auto shut-off within 4 minutes. Spray function is handy for washing dishes.

What we dislike: Certain parts need replacing after frequent use.

  • Best bang for your buck: Biobidet’s FLOW Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet
  • Our take: An attractive, auto-retractable faucet with a reasonable price tag.
  • What we like: Sturdy design. Easy to install. Works as a regular faucet if need be. Auto shut-off upon retraction.
  • What we dislike: Sensor placement may not be convenient for all users.
  • Choice 3: Moen’s Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless Kitchen Faucet
  • Our take: A versatile touchless faucet with multiple sensors for added convenience.
  • What we like: Installation is simple. It features two sensors and a handle.
  • What we dislike: One of the sensors only turns the water on for 3 seconds.

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Simple Kitchen Design

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