Taste the lentils to allenas-Tursh O Sheree Ananas Sab Ko Labahy

Taste the lentils to allenas-Tursh O Sheree Ananas Sab Ko Labahy

8 major benefits of this fruit
Medical utility
This fruit lacks nutrition, but there are most vitamins, minerals, such as potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamins C, beta carine, thamine, vitamins B6, folic and solvent fiber.
Orthritites for the disease
Additionally, bromalain, such as bromalitis, their inflammation, and a particular part in the pancreatic in the muscular screwdrop displays effect.

It is a specific type of protein that boasts in pairs filled with joints and bones.
Increase force defense
The daily required nutrition (13%) (day-by-day) for a single-grained juice or one-sour-cut pinnamon vitamins C can be a good choice. It is said to Vitamins C that this force increases astonishingly in immunity and enhances the white space of blood.
It is also an active anti audit that protects free radicals. Meta bids improve. Increases quantity of cologne. It deposits and protects the body from the reaction that comes from the disease.
For cancer prevention
Cancer of mouth, throat, chest and other physical organs, it is then contained vitamins A, carotenic, bromaline, phenonideid and mangois.
All these elements are combined with different syrups.
Occupation, diarrhea and system hemorrhoids
There is also good fruit for pineapple heart. Opens tight birds. The blood prevents from being frozen. Due to the presence of fiber, the problems of the patient are resolved immediately. The juice juice active in the digestive diet. In the case of stomach disorder or diarrhea, it also becomes extremely useful by using food or juice.

Useful in both winter and summer
Psychotherapy, pancreatic, Infectious food is also very consistent with the chronic disorder. Even if the patient’s patients eat it regularly, the body is restored.
To save the dental diseases
For healthy and strong gums, weakened teeth, help in removing the falling hair and nervous droughts.
It is extremely powerful for teeth. Keeps lying teeth.
Best for bankruptcy
Eye is a very important issue of human body. This is the best beta carotine to overthrow the effects of many eyes, weakness of weight and increasing the effects of rising age on the back.
Keep blood on the go
Potassium is a special mineral particle in the pineapple, which can prevent all kinds of stress, mental stress and distress due to nausea in the brain. It is beneficial to keep plaque away from it. It is better if avoiding excessive pinnamonous use of female-made mammals.

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