Tri Colour Ice Cream Recipe 2019


Tri Colour Ice Cream Recipe 2019

Pearl of 1 mango (with serpent) half
2 Mango ice cream two pieces
3 Vanilla ice cream two yellow
4 Chocolate Ice Cream Two Pearls
5 Dry dough (chopped) half past
6 chocolate (crushed) half past
Cream peeled bread

Ready to prepare:

Let ice cream be blown at 1 room temperature
Take 2 a rectangular tin and thicken the vinella ice cream in it
3 Freeze to be a poem
If the vanilla ice cream becomes cold, spray dry fruits on it
5 Then apply a mega ice cream on it
6 Insert a little mango serpet on ice cream and spread mangoes
7 Freeze ice cream for a while
8 Ice cream is jammed, then remove the freezer from a layer of ice cream and garment with a broken bean and crushed chocolate.
9 Freeze the ice cream until it comes
Before submitting
10, sink the ice cream in hot water and take it into the transparent dish
11 tie-colored ice cream slices with sprouted cream

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